What are the types of glass hardware accessories?

                          There are many types of glass door hardware accessories and different specifications and sizes, but they play an irreplaceable role in home decoration. Only good types of glass door hardware accessories can make life more convenient and more quality. So what are the types of glass door hardware accessories? Please follow the European editor to learn more about it.

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                          Door clamp

                          The material characteristics of the glass door itself, so whether it is a framed glass door or a frameless glass door, you need to cooperate with different specifications of door clips to realize the switch. The door clip is one of the important types of glass door hardware accessories. Fixing the glass door not only protects the glass door and window but also prevents the glass door from deviating from the track.

                          Door lock

                          The door lock of the glass door is separate from the door handle. For safety reasons, it is more appropriate to use the door lock on the door handle. Door locks of different materials are different, and this should be taken into consideration when selecting.

                          Hinge hinge

                          Hinge hinge is the type of glass door hardware that all door products need, and it is the key to connect the door leaf and the door frame. However, due to the characteristics of different door products, the hinges used for various doors are different. The hinges for glass doors require special glass door hinges.

                          Floor spring

                          The floor spring can bear the weight of the glass door and avoid the bottom of the glass door. It is a hydraulic door closer specially used for glass doors. It uses a turbo compression spring that can rotate forward and reverse. Floor spring can open the glass door in two directions.

                          What are the types of glass doors? People often overlook the choice of glass door hardware accessories. At this point, people should raise awareness and hope that this article by Jiangmen Jiangyi Glass Door Clamp can help you.

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